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Taking care of unwanted skin issues such as rosacea, age spots, port wine stains, spider veins or acne scarring isn’t just a skin-deep change. It can change the way you see yourself and how others interact with you.


Laser treatment procedures can reduce and, in some cases, eliminate the appearance of a variety of chronic and vascular skin conditions as well as resolve scaring [1]. If you have lived with a visible skin condition or scarring, you already know the challenges they can bring.

Recent studies have shown that visible skin conditions can cause low motivation and social withdrawal as well as seriously impact the quality of life. If you have a visible skin condition you may be less comfortable meeting friends, taking pictures and even smiling. So, it’s not just your skin; it can also be your quality of life too.

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Northern Beaches Skin Medics utilise cutting-edge laser technology to rectify inconsistencies and unwanted hyperpigmentation, so you can live your life feeling comfortable in the skin you’re in.


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